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Our History

In early 1940, a group of women in the Margate area came together to consider a Sunday school for the community. One of them (A Mrs. Bradley) was a retired missionary, and she solicited the homes in the area. The Sunday school began at Mrs. Bradley's home on the Northdale Road. When she left the area, meetings were held in various homes. At one point the group met in a stable, but when winter came and there was no heat, the Sunday School was discontinued.

In 1943 a realty company gave the property at Midland and Benmere Roads with the understanding that a building was to be on it within a given period. A small building was under construction when the home next door caught fire and burned, taking the new church building too.

The Sunday school then met in the Margate Community Hall and grew into a worshipping congregation. In 1948 the group became associated with the Methodist Church, and Rev Walter Harris was appointed to the new Margate Methodist Church, part of the charge with Mt. Carmel. The first church building was a surplus army barracks building moved from Aberdeen Proving Grounds and set up across the street from the Community Hall at a price of $625.

From 1954-1957 five ministers served the charge: Rev. Edward Kirkley, Rev Walter Harris, Rev. Millard Knowles, Rev. Benalack, and Rev, Rayden Kohler. Membership grew to 65, and a sanctuary was added to the barracks building. The corner stone was laid in 1955.

In 1957 Margate Methodist was put in charge of Marley, and Rev. Daniel Poffenberger was appointed, In June of 1959 Margate became a single church, and a student pastor, Rev. Lester Tallman, was appointed. That fall the church name was changed to Messiah Methodist. Membership was up to 126.

With growth and better serving of the members and the community in mind, a building fund was established. The Conference bought the Country Club property and helped in obtaining a parsonage (later sold in '98) at 20 Thomas Road.

In 1961 Rev. Charles Holbrook was appointed as pastor. The congregation was still meeting in Margate. In 1962 the Margate property was sold, and on Oct 6, 1963 Messiah had its first service in the new building (in the unfinished Sunday school section). Nov. 3rd saw the first use of the sanctuary, and a cornerstone was laid. Membership was at 198.

From 1964-70 the pastor was Rev. Emit T Gassman. The church acquired a PA system, a new organ, storage building, and a six-classroom addition to the Education Building.

Messiah became part of a charge again from 6/70-6/72 and Rev. Kenneth Cross was pastor.

Single church status was regained 6/72, and Rev Warren Watts served, followed by Rev. Milton Benny (6/73-10/77), Rev. George Manhart (10/77-6/81), Rev Bernard Fogle (6/81-6/87), Rev. Ronald Carr (6/87-7/97), Rev. George Weitzel (7/97 - 6/08), and Rev. Gail Button (7/08-6/18).

Rev. Ben Rigsby became our pastor in July of 2018.

Messiah's history is filled with many devoted, enthusiastic, talented, and hard-working members who unselfishly serve the church community.

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