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Purpose Statement and Core Values for our church.

Our Purpose is to

bullet CELEBRATE Godís love together (worship)
bullet EQUIP disciples on a spiritual journey (study)
bullet FELLOWSHIP through acts of hospitality and shepherding
bullet SHARE our faith of salvation in Jesus Christ (evangelism)
bullet SERVE in the world (mission)

Core Values of belief and action

bullet WE BELIEVE worship fills our spiritual hunger for relationship with God and knits us together as the body of Christ, therefore, WE WILL gather to glorify God and place ourselves in the pathway of Godís grace.

bullet WE BELIEVE study of the scriptures opens minds and hearts to reveal Godís will for each life, therefore, WE WILL seek to grow in Christian Discipleship as students of the Bible.

bullet WE BELIEVE when you participate in Godís family, by loving and caring for each other, thatís called fellowship and that the Church, Godís family, is called to be the body of Christ, therefore, WE WILL seek ways to build up the body of Christ through acts of hospitality and shepherding.

bullet WE BELIEVE all children of God need caring for, therefore, WE WILL seek ways to care for those in our midst, those beyond our community through acts of compassion and justice.

bullet WE BELIEVE a life in Christ must be a visible life, therefore, WE WILL share the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ at every opportunity.

bullet WE BELIEVE that prayer is conversation with God; it deepens our intimacy with God, and draws upon the grace and love of God, therefore, WE WILL offer prayer in every situation and in every place to the end that God's will becomes ours.

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